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Fresh Minds is a groundbreaking program we developed to vet, develop, and place the world's top creators from industry leading Universities. Our candidates gain live experience inside our studios, on set, or at companies we are partnered with. This not only allows candidates to gain hands-on experience needed for their resume to land full time positions but also allows us to vet candidates. In the first 3 weeks of going live we received opportunities to partner with the top 5 universities in Georgia. Fresh Mind offers two curriculums.   Curriculum A picks top candidates from Full Sail University and SCAD ( Savannah College of Art & Design ). These majors include advertising, animation, cinematography, photography, motion media, architectural design, design management, dramatic writing, film and television, graphic design, furniture design, immersive reality, illustration, industrial design, game development, luxury and brand management, motion design, production design, writing, visual effects, user experience design, sound design, sequential art and more. 


Curriculum B picks the top candidates and alumni from Ga Tech, UGA, Georgia State University, and Kennesaw to help develop businesses. This side of the program focuses on UI engineers, finance, AI, marketing, business admin, business management,  communications, analytics, economics, HR, business analytics, digital transformation, and more.

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Internship Program



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