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Checkmate Talent Factory is a creative agency that markets and represents uniquely talented artists and top talent from the Industry-Leading Universities

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Internship Program

We specialize in music and film production. We designed a groundbreaking intern program where we are accepting the world's top creators from industry leading Universities. This program offers two curriculums for different talents. Production Talent and Business Talent. From the Production Talent side majors include sound design,film making, writing animation, visual effects, graphic design, motion design and more. From the Business Talent side, majors include marketing, digital analytics, economics, engineering, architecture design, finance, computer science, and more.  We prepare future leaders and creators by development and ensuring they have the necessary mindset to accomplish their goals, companies goals, and world goals. We bring these candidates inside our studios, on set, and place them at corporations to gain hands-on experience needed on resumes  to obtain long term positions at corporations and production companies.

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