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Cristy Quinones

Actress & Model


cristy quinones

Atlanta native born, Brand Ambassador of the National Black and Latino Council Tropical/Pop Singer-Songwriter Cristina Quiñones continues to grow along with her city of Atlanta as it is recognized as the southern epicenter for cultivating great music. All the more reason for Cristina's unique musical sound, that was inspired by her Hispanic-American roots.


Cristina continues to amaze, captivate and electrify audiences across the country with her powerful vocal and high energy performances at events. Cristina's stark diversity, some would say, to her stunning creative accomplishments, and other aspects that makes her upcoming project all the more intriguing.


Cristina is currently preparing a full EP project that will take her artistic development to the next level. Which reflects the ambience and attitude of the new modern age Millennial Female. It's a project that will give her listeners an intimate glimpse into Cristina the artist as well as the power behind her the woman. It will be getting to know more about Cristina on a personal level. A level like no other. The first volume of her EP is anticipated for release in 2021.

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