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Label Services


Wedding Photography

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This unique space has all the creative elements you could ask for.


Music Studio (Logic, Ableton, Protools)

Podcast Studio

Editing Studio


Video Pre-Production


This is where we design and develop your idea into a production plan. Every project has unique requirements. Our team of creatives works to keep you production on schedule, on budget and always innovative.


Video Production Management 


Our company puts a major focus in production management. With our large list of resources across the world, we are the best when it comes to production starting with our highly experienced production management and creative team.



Video Production


Our teams over 10 years experience in production is rooted in brand content, music videos, television, and digital content creation. We understand the importance of delivering the right production value to the specific style of content we are creating for you.


Video Post Production


Checkmate Studios in-house post production facility handles every aspect of post production, from edit to the final deliverable creation. Our highly experienced editors, colorist, and graphic designers are expert professionals that only use the industry’s most current software and hardware.




Training Videos

Viral Videos

Features Film

Concert Visuals

Music Videos

Short Film

Green screen and white screen rental


Checkmate Headshot Rates

Welcome to the Industry

1 Look - $200

50-75 photos

2 edits

​Ready to


2 Looks - 300

100-150 photos

4 edits



3 Looks - $400

150-225 photos

6 edits

​Moving to Hollywood

4 Looks - $500

200 - 300 photos

8 edits

Checkmate Photography Lifestyle Rates

​Ready for an Agent


2 hour shoot with multiple locations

2 Looks

5 edits

Almost Famous


3 Hour shoot Multiple Locations

3 Looks

6 edits

Want My Autograph


6 hour shoot with multiple locations

4 Looks

8 edits

Headshot included with each look

BTS video

16GB flash drive with all unedited photos and raw BTS videos

Master retouch with photo manipulation


$50 Makeup Artist includes makeup retouch during session

$25 change of Makeup 

$50 Hairstylist

$30 Hair change

$25 for additional edits