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"What I love about photography is the opportunity it gives me to connect with people. When asked what my “passion” in life is, I don’t have just one. The answer is not solely “photography”. I believe I have many passions and purposes. Photography is just one of them. And it allows me to connect with a greater purpose, which is genuine connection with others. It allows me to see into the lives of others and to learn from them. I believe that human connection is something we are all meant for and it brings me so much joy to participate in that through capturing it and sharing it.

My favorite thing about photography is freezing the “little moments” in time. Your grandparents smiling as you say your vows. Your new husband or wife squeezing your hand during prayer before dinner. The tears, the laughter, and the hugs that last for only a moment are now able to be relived again and again. Photography is what inspires me to take notice of those little moments in my life and to cherish them.

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